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    So simple.

    No apps, no flash, no downloads.

    Stream karaoke on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Anytime and No Limits!*

    * Internet connection and modern browser required.

    Stream karaoke on any device Stream karaoke on any device

    About us.

    If you love singing, is certainly the home for you. You can stream and sing karaoke anytime you wish on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

    There are no apps to download, no flash or annoying plug-ins to implement either. You can stream karaoke using your web browser (modern browser and internet connection required).

    Whether you are having a karaoke party with your friends for a night or two, or you love singing every day, you’ll find a pass or subscription to suit your karaoke fix.

    You can also try karaoke free no sign up too.

    Committed to quality. curates karaoke tracks from the best brands in the business. We continually add to the thousands of tracks already available for you to stream and sing. We never remove or replace content*, we only add to the choice of karaoke songs, so you can be sure that with a subscription, you can come back time again and sing your favourites.

    Thousands of tracks available from these great brands:

    Zoom Sing Karaoke, Sing to the World Track Factory

    * adheres to industry issued exclusion lists and occasionally it may be necessary for us to remove tracks in accordance with the exclusion lists. We have no control over the exclusion lists.


    We all have a responsibility to protect the value of music and ensure that the correct parties receive royalties from the tracks we enjoy singing.
    That is why we report directly to PRS for Music / MCPS who see to it that the owners of the music receive these royalties

    PRS for music

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