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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

How do I get in touch?


Our phone lines are open:

09:00am - 5:00pm - Monday - Friday

Telephone number: 01675 430 433

For all email enquiries


My Account

How can I connect/disconnect my facebook account?

You can connect, or disconnect your Facebook account within your ‘Account Settings’:

  1. Tap on your name in the top corner
  2. Choose ‘My Account
  3. Tap on ‘Connect with Facebook’ (or ‘Disconnect with Facebook’) under the Social Accounts header.
How do I reset my password?

The process to reset your password depends on if you are already logged into your account or not. The processes for both are below:

If you are not logged in

  1. Tap on the link ‘Forgotten your password? Reset
  2. Enter your email address that you used to set up the account
  3. We’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password 

If you are logged in

  1. Tap on your name in the top corner
  2. Choose ‘My Account
  3. Tap on ‘Change Password’ under the Security header.
How do I unsubscribe from news and updates?

You can change your notification preferences from within your account settings. To access your account settings, tap on your name in the top corner and then choose ‘My Account’. You can change the preferences under the header ‘Email Notifications’.

How do I update my account details?
You can update your details within your account settings, to do this tap on the settings icon and hit 'Account'.
I can't log in

There could be a few reasons why you are having difficulty logging in, please go through the details below to resolve:

Reset your password

  1. Tap on ‘Forgotten your password? Reset’
  2. Enter your email address that you used to set up the account
  3. We’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password

If this does not work, read through the following two points:

  • I did not receive reset email
    If you don’t receive the reset email, please remember to check your spam or junk folders.
  • I cannot access the email address that you are sending the reset email to
    If you no longer access the email address associated with your account, contact us and we will look to change your email address for you.

Entering incorrect details

There are two different ways to creating an account. When you first registered you would have either signed in using Facebook, or created an account with an email address.

  • If you created an account with Facebook, tap on ‘Login with Facebook
  • If you created an account with an email, enter your email and password into the fields shown.

Have you recently deactivated Facebook?

If you created your account on Sing to the World using your Facebook account, but have since deleted your Facebook account, you will not be able to log in to Sing to the World.

To resolve this you will need to either reactivate your previous Facebook account or create a new account using an email address or a new Facebook account.

I have queries about my Personal Information
For details about what personal information that we store and use, please read our Privacy Policy


How do I add a song to a playlist?
Select a song in your search results, and press Add to Playlist. Select an existing playlist or create a new one.
How do I create a playlist?
Navigate to the playlist section and select ‘Create Playlist’ and give it a name. You can add any song on Karaoke.co.uk to a playlist.
What are playlists?
Playlists allow you to save your favourite songs, and play them back later.


Are tracks the actual original recording by the artist?
No. We have to re-record the track and pay royalties to the original writers.

We are meticulous when producing tracks to create the original sound using live instruments when possible unlike some track manufacturers who only re-create the sound using computer software.
Can I clear my queue?
To clear your entire queue, scroll to the bottom of your current play queue and press ‘Clear Play Queue’.
Can I get a full list of tracks?
We hold thousands and thousands of tracks and we are continually adding tracks all of the time.

We cannot provide any track listing as a document however you can browse and search through the current catalogue of tracks using the search / browse functions on the website.
How do I search for a song?
To search for a song, or an artist, simply start typing in the Search field. The search results will begin to filter underneath.
How do I sing a song?
  1. From the search list, tap on the song you wish to sing
  2. Choose ‘Sing This Song’ which will add the track to your personal queue.
  3. Once you have added one or multiple tracks to your personal queue press the play button at the bottom of your screen for the songs in your queue to start playing.
I want to report a problem with a song

To tell us about a problem with a track:

  1. Tap on the track
  2. Choose ‘Report Track
  3. Select the reason you are reporting this track from the drop down menu
  4. Tap on Submit

We will investigate any issues with songs reported and look to rectify any problems found as soon as possible.

What ‘key’ are the tracks in?
We re-record the original track. This means that what you hear on the original version, is what you will hear on our tracks, only without the lead vocal.


How do I cancel my subscription?
We’ve made cancelling as easy as possible. Simply go to your account, edit your subscription and press cancel.
Update payment information
Sign in to your account and select subscription. If your subscription is still active, select Edit on the stored card.
What is a subscription?
With a Karaoke.co.uk Monthly, or Annual subscription you get full access to the Karaoke.co.uk song catalogue, and can stream anytime, anywhere* and on any device**.

Our rolling monthly and annual subscriptions renew automatically at the end of your paid period.


Can I sing more than once?
Of course, you will be able to select another song to add to the queue after you have sang your first choice.
How do I join a venue?

Once logged in, tap on ‘Join Venue’ in the top corner next to your name.

You will need to enter the Venue code into the field shown. Please see ‘I can’t find the venue code’ below for more information about where to find the venue code. You will also need to enable GPS location on your device, for more information on this see: ‘Why do you need my GPS location?’

How do I request a song to sing?
  1. From the search list, tap on the song you wish to sing
  2. Choose ‘Sing This Song
  3. Confirm or change your name
  4. Tap on ‘Request Song

Important - By choosing ‘Request Song’, you will be adding this song to the queue in this venue for you to sing.

How will I know when I’m next up to sing?

You can see when you will be singing your song choice by tapping on the ‘current track playing’ at the bottom of the screen, this will display the list of songs in the queue.

When it’s your turn to sing, the main screen in the venue will also display your name and song choice and a timer will display giving you chance to get to the microphone.

I can’t find the venue code

The venue code changes each time a Karaoke.co.uk session is active within a venue.

You can find the code for this session by looking at one of the screens within the venue (not your device screen).

The code is always displayed at the bottom of the venue screen even when someone is singing. The code is also displayed larger on the venue screen when no-one is singing.

I wish my local venue / pub was operating Karaoke.co.uk sessions
Please get your venue/pub to visit https://www.karaokevenues.co.uk for information on how to become a karaoke.co.uk venue.
I’ve requested a song, but will not be able to sing it
If you have already requested the song, but will be leaving the venue before being able to sing, please let a staff member in the venue know. Tell them your name and the track name and they will be able to remove this track from the queue for you.
I'm a venue owner and would like to operate the Karaoke.co.uk service at my venue
Visit https://www.karaokevenues.co.uk for information on how to become a karaoke.co.uk venue.
Is it free to search or select a song?
Yes, it is free for you to sing songs within the venue operating the Karaoke.co.uk service.
Why do you need my GPS location?

Karaoke.co.uk requires your GPS location to confirm that you are within a venue operating the Karaoke.co.uk service.

We only use this information for this purpose. If you do not enable your GPS location you may not be able to request songs to sing within the venue.